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Democracy reform  

Hi. I am shocked about how much impact the internet has on my life. I spend hours looking for latest news etc. . . . A friend of mine became mad while he was window-shopping in Trieste: On the stores’ TV screens he saw airplanes flying into the Twin Towers. He was enraged about how, once again, the media only covered accidents in developed countries. He thought about all the other accidents and catastrophes happening around the globe…
     Then he heard the whole thing was not an accident.
     Indeed, a couple of months ago 700 people died because a ship drowned. Remember?
     It was really not one of the finest stories newspapers produced, but anyway -- I must say- lately, our news coverage was given a new twist: A mother caught with surveillance cameras beating up her child. This journalist wants to interview me, but at the same time, he gives me no option for correction. Is he actually interviewing himself? I think, I am a stranger to my own family. I live on a different continent. I am working on weekends. My dilemma: I do find some time to talk to neighbors, friends and colleagues. This is the reason, why I called my album “So easy, hard to practice”: My family tells me what I do wrong. This is not comfortable. I like giving interviews, if I have time. Human dignity? The woman cried, “I look like a monster!” And I saw her face. Man, I wonder why. There is a picture of me among a crowd of people: angry, desperate, two months after September 11. Nobody ever asked me about it. I discovered it online. The other day I watched a monitor and saw a person waiting in an elevator. I felt deeply disturbed.
     How can I explain “War on Terrorism”?? I also do not know why the world wants to go to war. I think better ways than war and terrorism do exist, more responsible ways to deal with the symptoms of globalization, which only indicates that something is not so good yet. Every day I take the subway and sometimes I wonder if I took the wrong stop and landed in Israel. I see the National Guard in the station, electronic surveillance, etc. Well, we do not have the Intifada here, yet. It is good to help each other out. If I had not had any friends in the music business, I would not still make music for money. The key lies in the dosage, I say, imagine, nobody accepting a friend to help him? Perfect victims! I am a coach in the Psychiatric Center, I volunteer. You cannot imagine, clients come to this ward in order to test if they are able to lead a normal life or not. How they do it? Listen, as far as I observe their situation they lounge around in a dark room with a shut piano, a skinny cat and a ping-pong table. Why do you think they asked me to go there? An employee was promoted and there is no money. Sometimes I think that people like me are taken advantage of, in order to keep things the way they are. But when I see, how happy the clients are sometimes, when I have time for them, I believe I am doing the right thing, at least on a personal level.
     I do not want to be brave anymore; I want to be a wimp, because I say, “Please, do not start World War III!” Since the cold war, we have the third world, the fourth world… Hey, how does it feel to live in the third world on earth? Why do rich people get better medical attention than poor people do? Is it true that most doctors take care of you better, if you can afford it? We have a crazy government, they want to have war, I mean terrorism. They call themselves freedom fighters. What we do in their secret police comes close to the Gestapo. I do not want to take any part in a world mafia war. Corrupt dictators lie to their soldiers with a straight face. I do not like this. Actually, I want a democracy reform.


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